Ex-NYC Police Commissioner Kerik Starts “Austere” Prison Life


Former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik now is federal inmate number 8488054, reports the Wall Street Journal. He surrendered yesterday at a minimum-security prison in Cumberland, Md., to serve a four-year sentence on charges that included lying to federal officials during a background check after being nominated to head the Department of Homeland Security.

All inmates at the facility must work; Kerik, 54, will be assigned a job such as laundry, landscaping or food service and possibly work his way up to jobs with more responsibility, such as electrical or plumbing duties. Kerik, who wore expensive suits and favored French-cuffed shirts, now has khaki uniforms that must always be worn with the “shirt tail tucked in.” Said a prison system spokesman: “It will be a pretty austere life for the next couple of years.”

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