NY Claims Terrorism Funding Cut; Feds Say It Isn’t So


The Department of Homeland Security on Thursday announced $790 million in federal grants for port and transit security for fiscal year 2010, and accusations flew that the Obama administration had cut more $50 million from New York's funding, reports the Christian Science Monitor. The Obama administration disagreed. New York politicians, including U.S. Rep. Peter King and U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer lashed out at Homeland Security. But the White House said New York will see a funding increase of $47 million after some $100 million from the stimulus package is added.

“In fact, one out of every three recovery dollars for transit and port security went to NYC, making them the largest recipient in the country,” writes Nick Shapiro, assistant White House press secretary, in an e-mail. According to Shapiro, funding for port and transit security grants in the US will rise 14 percent in 2010, after the stimulus funds are taken into account. The increase is even higher for New York – 24 percent more funds over 2009.

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