Marshals Chief Needs More Money To Find Sex Offenders


John Clark, in his fifth year as director of the U.S. Marshals Service, tells his agency is handling “an increased tempo [] of national security issues, violent crime issues, on the Southwest border, of course taking primary responsibility for the Guantanamo detainee issues.”

The marshals also administer enforcement of the Adam Walsh law on sex offenders. Clark noted that President Obama, in an interview with John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted, ” “knew that we were not yet fully funded to do that, so he did pledge on national TV his support.” Clark calls the law a “huge undertaking for us, because there are by very conservative estimates 150,000 unregistered, or we call them non-compliant sex offenders out there, meaning there are individuals who their whereabouts are unknown in the local where they should be registered, so the local authorities don't know where they are. If you turn on the TV or open the newspaper any given day, you'll see evidence oftentimes of non-compliant sex offenders picking up young children or other teenagers and the results are often tragic, so we of course take that very seriously.”

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