Amid Homicide Rise, Indianapolis Cops Get More Aggressive


Indianapolis police officers spotted a 20-year-old man loitering yesterday at an apartment complex and found what they say was a stolen AK-47 in his shorts. Public Safety Director Frank Straub and Police Chief Paul Ciesielski later displayed the gun, holding it up as a prime example of how their new aggressive crime-reduction plan should work, reports the Indianapolis Star.

Under the plan, patrol officers will make more traffic stops and inquiries about seemingly petty crimes, which they say should lead to more gun and drug seizures and help reduce violent crimes. “We will be a persistent, tenacious police presence,” Ciesielski said. “If I was a criminal, I would turn my guns and drugs in to the local pastor, because otherwise we are going to get you.” The plan is part of the city’s new crime-fighting strategy, announced last month, which stresses cooperation between residents and police. The police department will flood high-crime areas with extra officers and go after 30 of the city’s most notorious criminals in an effort to slow the rate of homicides and violent crimes. Indianapolis has had 47 homicides this year, far ahead of the pace at this time last year.

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