Drug Control Strategy Plans Work To Combat RX Doctor-Shopping


The draft version of the 2010 National Drug Control Strategy, disclosed by Newsweek, says that the Justice Department will head up several initiatives aimed at addressing drug trafficking on the Mexican border, combating doctor shopping and working with international partners to stop drugs from entering the U.S., reports MainJustice.com.

The plan said that the Justice Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration will assist states with addressing doctor shopping – where patients seek prescriptions from several different doctors – and shutting down pill mills, which dispense prescriptions with little medical oversight. The agencies also are charged with cracking down on several rogue pain clinics in Houston, Los Angeles, and Southern Florida. The document says that the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have produced a large volume of information about Mexican-based drug-trafficking organizations, but the information resides in different databases. The Justice Department will work with other agencies to make sure information from federal databases is accessible to state and local law enforcement officers who work on drug trafficking issues along the border.

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