Serpas Nashville Record: Mostly Effective, Sometimes Unpopular


Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas, one of two candidates to head the New Orleans Police Department, would leave a legacy of sometimes unpopular but mostly effective law enforcement if he leaves, says The Tennessean. (The other candidate on the list of new New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu was not identified). In Nashville, traffic stops more than doubled in Serpas’ first five years, and the overall crime rate has dropped every year. “He is a very, very good police chief,” said Mayor Karl Dean.

Serpas, 49, was the chief of the Washington State Police when he was hired to lead Nashville’s police force more than six years ago. Before that, he had spent 21 years in the New Orleans Police Department, rising to the No. 2 position. Six years ago, Serpas brought to Nashville a policing tool he learned in New Orleans. A numbers-driven system called Compstat, pioneered by the New York City police, uses crime data and mapping to help the department’s leadership spot patterns quickly and throw resources into troubled areas.

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