New Dallas Chief: Justice System Must Focus On Property Crimes


Property crime is the key issue in Dallas, David Brown, who will replace David Kunkle as police chief on Tuesday, tells the Dallas Morning News. Brown cited residential, business, and car burglaries. The issue is not just how police handle them, he says, but “it’s the criminal justice system’s position about property crimes as far as what happens from the time we arrest them to the time they get booked in jail to the time they get adjudicated through the magistrates and judges, sentencing, bail, bond, that kind of thing and the entire process.”

Asked about neighborhood crime watch programs, Brown said, “A way to describe it just as a teaser is community policing 2.0 or crime watch 2.0. It’s bringing those two programs into this new world of communication that we have in this country and the world, where you can have constant communication. Where you’re talking about issues all the time and not [only] gathering at a meeting to discuss something.”

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