Philadelphia Police Stop Responding To Minor Auto Crashes


Philadelphia police officers no longer will go to the scene of minor vehicle crashes, says the Philadelphia Inquirer. Dispatchers will direct motorists to the nearest police station to file a report. The change, effective Monday, is designed to free up patrol officers for more important crime-fighting work. Police now respond to approximately 68,000 minor accidents every year, said Lt. Frank Vanore, a police spokesman. “We dispatch a vehicle to every single accident, whether it was a serious accident or your mirror fell off,” he said.

Police won’t be sent to fender-benders if motorists agree to exchange their driver and vehicle information, there are no injuries, and the cars can be driven from the scene. After motorists file a report, they will be given the District Control or “DC” number required by insurance companies to file a claim. The new process could be better for motorists, who often have a “long wait” for a patrol car to arrive following an accident, Vanore said.

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