Daley Opposes National Guard Handling Chicago Teen Violence


Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has reacted coolly to a suggestion the National Guard be called in to help slow the violence on Chicago’s streets. The Chicago Tribune says he suggested the idea offered up a day earlier by two state representatives was too simplistic. “You have to look at long-term solutions,” Daley said, adding he understood the “frustration” expressed by the legislators. “You just can’t think you’re going to fix it in one weekend and walk away,” Daley said. “And that’s what the problem would be.”

Daley’s remarks came aftr state Reps. John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford, both Chicago Democrats, suggested Gov. Pat Quinn dispatch the National Guard to Chicago to quell the violence, at a time when the city’s murder rate is up slightly from the same time last year but still much lower than it was a decade ago. Quinn also downplayed the idea, saying it could be counterproductive to police efforts, as law enforcement officers and military personnel are trained differently. He wouldn’t take the step unless Daley asked him to, he added. Mark Donahue, president of the city police union, said more police officers are needed, at a time when hundreds are retiring while hiring is slowed. “Members of the Chicago Police Department can handle the situation with the proper resources,” Donahue said. “Right now, the proper resources needed are more police officers.”

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