Man Kills Ex-Girlfriend; Is Alarm Company or Police At Fault?


Who is at fault when a man violates a court protection order and kills his former girlfriend, a security alarm company or law enforcement authorities? That’s a question in a Minnesota lawsuit by the family of Teri Lee, who was murdered by a former boyfriend in her second-floor bedroom after spending $2,405 on an intrusion alarm system to protect herself against the murderer, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Ex-boyfriend Steven Van Keuren had violated several orders for protection that prohibited him from contacting Lee.

Lee’s family contends that an ADT salesman misrepresented the alarm system’s capabilities to Lee and that it was improperly installed, with deadly results. ADT officials declined to discuss the case, but in court filings they criticized local police forces for failing to arrest Van Keuren before the attack. In an ADT court motion, the company says that “Sadly, if the police departments had acted properly [] Van Keuren would have been in jail [] rather than carrying out the murder of Lee and her boyfriend.”

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