Baltimore Home-Invasion Robberies Up 34 Percent


Home-invasion robberies are increasing in Baltimore this year, says the Baltimore Sun. It’s an area that police are trying to get a handle on as other types of crimes are falling. Residential robberies were up 34 percent through April 3, compared with same period a year ago. Reported homicides, rapes and overall robberies are down by double-digit percentages.

Police say they can’t pinpoint any driving force behind the uptick; they aren’t ready to blame a still-struggling economy or drug activity. Police Maj. Johnny Delgado downplayed the spike, saying that in several cases attackers entered homes with the intention of burglarizing but encountered residents, as opposed to forcing their way in with the intention of confronting the victim. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld III noticed the uptick and asked the Criminal Investigations Division to examine whether there is “nexus between home invasions and drug crimes.” He said the research so far has not uncovered any links or underlying factors.

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