Michigan Houses 150 Sex Offender Parolees In One Building


A nondescript commercial building in suburban Detroit is home to nearly 150 paroled sex offenders, reports the Detroit Free Press. A rehab center run by Community Programs Inc., it houses the highest concentration of sex offenders under one roof anywhere in Michigan that is not a prison.

The center has been a mostly good and anonymous neighbor. “It doesn’t sound good, I know,” said a local township supervisor. “But to my knowledge, we haven't had any complaints. Unfortunately, these places have to be somewhere.” Sex offenders are the toughest inmates to release from Michigan prisons because of public apprehension and restrictions on where they can live. Often they served out their maximum sentence. That changed in recent years as state officials have tried to downsize the prison system by accelerating parole for all prisoners, including sex offenders. “Concentrating any offenders in a single location is highly controversial,” said Russ Marlan, spokesman for the Department of Corrections. “But letting people max out (their sentences) and then walk out is less safe.”

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