NBA Star Arenas Faces A Short Mattress In Halfway House


What will it be like for NBA star Gilbert Arenas to serve a 30-day term in a halfway house on a gun charge? The Washington Post gives this description: a 10-foot by 10-foot room with a mattress four inches shorter than he is. He’ll share bunk beds with a roommate, submit to daily room inspections, three-times-daily alcohol breath tests, and three-times-a-week drug tests. He”ll travel straight to community service, and then back to Montgomery County, Md., where the facility is located.

“Until they get here, it doesn’t really set in where they are,” Stefan LoBuglio of the county’s Pre-Release Center. “They think, ‘Hey, I thought this was just some place I slept at night, and come and go as I please.’ ” High-profile inmates are carefully watched so they can’t be victimized, said Arthur Wallenstein, county corrections director. “Some inmates despise anyone with money.”

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