Florida Crime Reports At 39-Year Low; Violent Crime Down 10%


Reported crime in Florida hit a 39-year low in 2009 after years of record-breaking violence, 60,000 fewer crimes than the year before, reports the Orlando Sentinel. The nearly 7 percent drop in 2009 is the lowest number since the Florida Department of Law Enforcement began tracking crime numbers in 1971. Violent crimes dropped 10 percent from the previous year.
Last week, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced a special program called TOPS – Tourist Oriented Policing Squad. The new squad consists of 10 deputies trained to deal with safety issues in the tourist area. The program was funded in part by a $750,000 federal economic-stimulus grant. The drop statewide is due to “proactive and aggressive” policing, state law enforcement commissioner Gerald Bailey said. Crime did rise in one category: Domestic-violence-related crimes were up about 3 percent.

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