Las Vegas Cops Are Refreshed On “Open-Carry” Gun Checks


Tim Farrell of Las Vegas sometimes gets mistaken for a law enforcement officer, says the Las Vegas Sun. Farrell, 29, is a wireless Internet engineer and a gun rights crusader. He is one of what appears to be a growing number of people taking up the “open-carry” cause, advocating a constitutional right to openly carry firearms. Nevada reiterates the right to bear arms in its constitution and does not have blanket restrictions on law-abiding citizens' open carrying of firearms. That's why a dozen or so people who attended the March 27 Tea Party rally in Searchlight, Nv., were able to openly carry firearms.

When he openly carried a gun on the Las Vegas strip last year, police arrived in squad cars and on motorcycles in a show of force, guns drawn. Farrell was handcuffed and his gun was confiscated, its bullets removed. After police ran a background check, confirming his gun was properly registered, and finding that he also has a concealed-weapons permit and is not a dangerous criminal, he was uncuffed. He was handed back his gun but the bullets were dropped down one of his pants pockets and the empty magazine was placed on an irrigation box 100 feet away. Although the officers involved were cleared of wrongdoing, police were required to take a refresher course on how to handle individuals who openly carry firearms.

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