Army Of Cats Ordered Removed From S.F. Police Evidence Area


San Francisco’s police crime lab, plagued by a drug-skimming scandal, is dealing with a pesky cat problem, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. A multiplying army of feral felines has moved into a lab hangar at a former shipyard where the Police Department stores evidence from old crimes. The cats have been sleeping, eating rodents, and going to the bathroom around evidence items and police files, some of them boxed up, some out in the open. Assistant Chief Jeff Godown says the cats must go.

Godown noticed cat feces on the floor where the property boxes are kept. “It’s not nice,” he said. The crime lab has been buffeted by a nonstop string of public embarrassments for nearly a month, starting with a news conference at which Chief George Gascón said a longtime technician at the lab’s drug-analysis section, Deborah Madden, was suspected of stealing and using cocaine evidence. The chief ordered the drug section closed indefinitely, and fallout from the scandal has led District Attorney Kamala Harris’ office to dismiss 650 narcotics cases and consider dropping many hundreds more.

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