Accused CA Sex Offender Had MySpace Page In Violation Of Parole


His screen name was Jason the Stud, and he called himself the Energizer Bunny. He used sexually charged language. He listed his hometown as the Playboy Mansion and he called love “one big ugly compromise of two people pretending not to know what the other is doing.” John Albert Gardner III, the convicted sex offender accused of raping and killing teenager Chelsea King, opened a MySpace page in 2007 – though according to terms of his parole he was not allowed anywhere near a computer, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.

State officials said they were not aware Gardner was active on any social networking site while he was under their supervision from 2005 until September 2008. When presented with printouts of the material and an e-mail account linked to Gardner's address after a legislative hearing today, they pledged to review the information and add it to an ongoing investigation. Gardner's MySpace account was discovered by Robert Scott, a Los Angeles private investigator who operates an online data-retrieval service called Skip Smasher. “If we were able to find his MySpace page, then (parole agents) should have been able to find his MySpace page,” Scott said. “That's what they're getting paid to do. That's what their job is.”

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