ATF Concedes Terrorism Role To FBI, Returns To Basics


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is getting back to basics and will emphasize its core mission of combating violent crime, conceding the lead role of investigating and stopping terrorism to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, says a new strategic plan reported by The draft plan, which covers fiscal 2010 through 2016, focuses on ten areas, including criminal groups and gangs, and illegal firearms trafficking.“The terrorism police in the United States are the FBI, rightfully so, that's where they should be focused,” said an ATF official. “We believe that our position, the way we best serve this country, is by impacting violent crime.” ATF went through a period of “terrorism envy” after Sept. 11, the official conceded. Conflicts between the FBI and the ATF remain. A Justice Department Inspector General's report last October found that the FBI and the ATF were not coordinating their efforts.

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