Feds Seek Jail Term For NBA Star Arenas For Lies, Threat


Federal prosecutors say Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas repeatedly lied about why he carried four unloaded guns into a locker room and tried to cover up his confrontation with a teammate, leading the government to urge a Washington, D.C., judge to sentence Arenas to at least three months in jail, reports the Washington Post. Prosecutors characterized Arenas’s role as a “calculated and premeditated” threat against a teammate and not a light-hearted joke as Arenas has maintained.

A prosecutors’ memo to the judge describes a defiant Arenas, who refused at first to cooperate with investigators or team management and would not accept responsibility for his actions. Then, prosecutors say, he lied, coming up with at least three stories about why he had the guns. Arenas, 28, pleaded guilty on Jan. 15 to a felony count of carrying a pistol without a license; he will be sentenced Friday. His attorney, Kenneth Wainstein called the incident a “misguided prank” and an example of Arenas’s long-standing, joking nature that he uses to deal with pressure.

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