Mexican Ambassador Disputes “Spillover” Border Violence Charge


Texas elected officials are “disingenuous or naive” to believe that Mexican drug violence is spilling across the border into the U.S., Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan told the Houston Chronicle. Saruhkan attributed the recent escalation of violence in Ciudad Juarez to desperate attempts by narcotics kingpins to protect their shrinking turf, praised the Obama administration’s attempts to clamp down on the smuggling of U.S. weapons to the Mexican cartels, and denounced the murders of reporters who cover the Mexican government’s bloody war against the nation’s powerful drug cartels.

The Mexican envoy also disagreed with American politicians who call illegal immigration from Mexico a national security risk akin to “potential terrorists or transnational organized crime.” Undocumented workers are “a challenge to the rule of law,” he said, “but immigrants are not a threat to the national security of the United States.” Sarukhan took exception to a letter written by Texas Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn to President Obama declaring that “spillover violence in Texas is real and it is escalating.” In Austin, Texas Gov. Rick Perry also activated a “spillover violence contingency plan.” The term 'spillover’ would [], seem to be a bit of a false dilemma,” Sarukhan said. “You speak of 'spillover’ as if you had the pristine waters of Alaska contaminated by the spill of the Exxon Valdez. That is, there was nothing there before the Exxon Valdez created the accident. “To assume that in Texas there are no distribution networks, drug traffickers don’t have safe houses, they don’t have banks, they don’t launder money, is disingenuous or naive at the least,” he said. “So 'spillover’? They’re already there.”

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