IL 100-MPH Drivers Typically Get Probation, Keep Licenses


Drivers caught going more than 100 MPH in the Chicago area typically get “court supervision,” a form of probation that kept the traffic tickets off their public driving records, reports the Chicago Tribune. An analysis of state police tickets, license data, and court records shows that since 2006, Chicago-area courts have given supervision to nearly two-thirds of those found guilty of driving 100 mph or faster.

For hundreds of motorists caught driving that fast every year, court supervision helps keep their insurance rates low while stopping officials from using the tickets as a reason to suspend their licenses. Judges defend supervision as a helpful alternative to conviction, but some were surprised at how often their peers handed it out. Also surprised was the state’s keeper of driving records: Secretary of State Jesse White. Citing the Tribune’s findings, White wants to ban supervision for extreme speeders. Mike Donovan is beyond surprised. He’s outraged. His daughter and grandson were killed by a speeder with a history of supervisions. “We see the judicial system basically failing us,” said Donovan, who helps run a traffic-safety group called

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