U.S. Employee Killings In Juarez Highlight Intensity Of Drug War


In the deadly Mexican city of Juarez, people are slaughtered daily in their homes and in the street, at drug clinics and youth parties, at funeral homes, and outside neighborhood schools, says the Houston Chronicle. The killing of Lesley Enriquez, who worked at the U.S. Consulate and was four months pregnant, her husband, Arthur Redelfs, a corrections officer in El Paso, and a man whose wife worked at the consulate, brought the murderous mayhem even closer to home in U.S. than perhaps it’s ever been.

Two of the victims were U.S. citizens, one of them a U.S. government employee. The apparently coordinated attacks took place in broad daylight as the three were leaving a consulate children’s party. Three children were with them when the two separate assaults took place. The international investigation has expanded to both sides of the border in the search for clues about the killers as well as their motives. U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley downplayed any suggestion the cartels or hitmen are targeting U.S. diplomats. : “I’d be leery about jumping to any conclusions at this point.” Among the possibilities being examined are that the victims were attacked in a case of mistaken identity.

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