Podcasts from 2010 H.F. Guggenheim conference


1. Welcome [audio:guggenheim/1. Welcome_1-2.mp3]

2. Pending

3. Toobin and Awards Ceremony [audio:guggenheim/3. Toobin and Awards Ceremony_1-2.mp3]

4. Panel 2- Fiscal Crisis [audio:guggenheim/4. Panel 2 Fiscal Crisis_1-2.mp3]

5. Panel 3- Journalism Workshop [audio:guggenheim/5. Panel 3 Journalism Workshop edited_1-2.mp3]

6. Panel 4- Juvenile Justice [audio:guggenheim/6. Panel 4 Juvenile Justice edited_1-2.mp3]

7. Panel 5- Rethinking Courts [audio:guggenheim/7. Panel 5 Rethinking Courts edited_1-2.mp3]

8. Breakout 1- Mentall Ill Offenders [audio:guggenheim/8. Breakout 1 Mentally Ill Offenders_1-2.mp3]

9. Breakout 2- Racial Bias [audio:guggengeim/9. Breakout 2 Racial Bias_1-2.mp3]

10. J-Workshop Story Lab [audio:guggenheim/10. J-Workshop 2 Story Lab_1-2.mp3]

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