MA High Court Upholds Home Trigger Lock Requirement


In a case that drew attention from the Gun Owners Action League and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court yesterday upheld a state law requiring trigger locks on guns kept in people's homes, the Boston Globe reports. In a victory for law enforcement and advocates of gun control, the court said the Second Amendment does not restrict the right of Massachusetts to impose its own rules on gun ownership.

The lock case involved a man facing prosecution for keeping a rifle under his bed without a trigger lock. Police in 2007 discovered the firearm as they investigated complaints that his then-18-year-old developmentally disabled son was shooting a BB gun at a neighbor's house. In a separate case, the court upheld the conviction of a man who had argued that the Second Amendment right to bear arms trumped state law making it a crime for an unlicensed person to have a handgun.

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