As Meth Surges, MS Looks Forward To Rx-Only Ephedrine


Mississippi narcotics officials say they look forward to July 1, when a law restricting the purchase of medications with pseudoephedrine to prescription only takes effect, reports the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. Ephedrine, an essential ingredient in meth, is found in cold-symptom remedies like Sudafed. For the past few years, the so-called precursor law has put limitations on the sale of those products. Officials say meth is the fastest-growing drug threat in Mississippi. Last year, at least 620 seizures of meth laboratories were made, more than double the number in 2008.

“Meth overtakes people,” said Judge William Skinner. “Parents who have been on marijuana or cocaine will try to do all the things they must do to get their children back from state custody. I haven’t had one crystal-meth parent even try.”

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