Some Key Liberals Join Gun-Rights Side In Supreme Court Case


In the Chicago gun-rights case pending at the Supreme Court, the liberal Constitutional Accountability Center has joined forces with conservatives, including Steven Calabresi, cofounder of the Federalist Society, to support expanding individual rights, including gun rights, in the states–inviting the possibility that Chicago’s virtual ban on handguns might be overturned, Newsweek reports. “There is a deeply progressive historical basis for some individual right to bear arms,” says Douglas Kendall, the CAC’s founder.

Some sharp liberal legal minds are part of a campaign to reverse and embrace the right to gun ownership. “I believe in an individual right to bear arms, consistent with a living Constitution,” says UCLA law Prof. Adam Winkler, a frequent participant in the American Constitution Society, the liberal answer to the Federalist Society. Winkler was one of eight scholars, including other prominent liberals, who signed the CAC’s brief in the Chicago case, which will be argued Tuesday.

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