San Diego Cop Camera Test: “People Act Different”


The San Diego Police Department has joined a handful of other agencies to begin testing head-mounted video cameras that record officers' interactions with the public, says the San Diego Union-Tribune. Nine officers will wear the RoboCop-like gear while on routine patrol over the next 60 days. They will record everything from traffic stops and domestic disturbances to more volatile situations that have the potential to end with force.

“It gives real-time information on exactly what occurred at the scene. Anything that helps put the case into perspective,” San Diego Assistant Police Chief Bob Kanaski said yesterday. “No more 'he said, she said.' Now it's in color.” Officers have “noticed people act different toward them now that they know they're on camera,” said San Jose police Officer Jermaine Thomas. The AXON camera, about the size of a large Bluetooth device, hooks over the officer's ear. The record button is on a small control panel that hangs on the officer's chest. The third component is a handheld computer screen that shows the color video feed. The computer can store up to eight hours of material.

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