Califano Substance Abuse Group Ends Merger With Join Together


Last year's much-heralded merger of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), housed at Columbia University, and Join Together, of the Boston University School of Public Health, which was to move to New York, has failed after about six months, reports Youth Today. Join Together reemerged on Facebook on Jan. 25 after largely being absent since May 2009 when the merger took place. A CASA spokeswoman said it “didn't work out.”

CASA has announced the hiring of Bill Foster as its new CEO, take over for Joseph Califano. David Rosenbloom of Join Together had become CEO when the merger became official in May. Last year, Califano said the merger ” makes CASA the powerhouse in the substance abuse field” and that “David Rosenbloom is the individual best suited to move CASA forward and increase its influence and activities.”

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