Holder Uses Zazi Case To Defend Justice System Role Against Terror


Attorney General Eric Holder used the Najibullah Zazi terrorism guilty plea yesterday in Brooklyn as an opportunity to be more force in advocating for why he believed terrorism trials should be held on the civilian side, reports MainJustice.com. As part of a new media strategy, Holder made strong statements in easily digestible soundbites. He made it clear that the U.S. is at war with an adaptable enemy and argued that leaving a number of options available for handling terrorism suspects is the best way to prevent attacks.

The criminal justice system, Holder said, is “a valuable tool in our fight against terrorism. It doesn't mean it is the only tool that we should use.” He added: “We need not make more of these people than they are. [They] are thugs. They are people who engaged in criminal warlike activities against the United States but they are people who are not different from people we have shown we have the ability to handle in the past.” Zazi pleaded guilty to three criminal charges, admitting that he brought explosives to New York last September and that he and others intended to detonate them on board the New York City subway system.

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