Prosecutor Dismisses Insanity Defense In AL Faculty Shooting


Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick ordered a review of the state police role in the investigation of the 1986 shooting death of Seth Bishop at the hands of his sister, Amy, who became a biologist and is now accused of gunning down three of her colleagues at the University of Alabama, the Boston Globe reports. Bishop's court-appointed lawyer, Roy Miller, said he would prepare for an insanity defense for the 45-year-old mother of four, who is accused of opening fire on colleagues in a faculty meeting. She had been denied tenure by the university.

“I don't think there are any other options much available,'' Miller said. “It's not a whodunit.'' Miller said Bishop has no memory of what happened. District Attorney Robert Broussard in Alabama not believe a jury would be swayed by an insanity defense. “This is certainly not the first case I've ever seen or handled where someone essentially is caught in the act and the next thing you know they are insane,'' he said. “In my experience, the public sees insanity defenses for what they're worth, which is not much.''

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