LA Sues Its Own Death-Row Inmates To Block More Cases


The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections has sued every inmate on death row, in an effort to block any one of them from challenging the state's lethal injection procedures, reports Solitary Watch. Each of the 84 prisoners in the “death house” at Angola State Penitentiary was personally served papers, said Nick Trenticosta, director of the Center for Equal Justice in New Orleans, who knows of no other instance in which a state sued its death row inmates en masse over legal questions relating to their execution.

The new litigation is a countersuit, filed in response to a lawsuit claiming that Louisiana's lethal injection procedure is in violation of state law. That suit was filed by the Capital Post Conviction Project of Louisiana (CPCPL) on behalf of death row prisoner Nathaniel Code. The state procedure ought to specify exactly what drugs should be used to kill prisoners, the project, rather than simply calling for the administration of drugs. Without such stipulations, Trenticosta said, “They're saying if we want to pour boiling oil into your veins, we can do it.”

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