Why Sex Offender Accused In MD Student Killing Served Little Time


The Baltimore Sun reviews the case of Thomas Leggs Jr., who was charged with six sex crimes before he was accused of murdering Sarah Foxwell, 11, a sixth-grade student whose body was found in a frozen field on Christmas Day. Despite convictions for a sex offense and the rape of a minor as well as multiple parole violations, Leggs, 30, has eluded serious jail time.

The Foxwell case has prompted calls to change the state’s sex offender laws, to include lifetime supervision for certain offenders, limits on early release, and bringing Maryland into compliance with federal sex offender regulations. Unless changes are made to the way sex offense cases are handled, predators will continue to rack up repeat offenses, advocates for sex abuse victims say. “After all the things he’s done, this man should not have been allowed to walk among normal people. And he definitely shouldn’t have been allowed around kids,” said Kaitlyn Alley, 23, who as a middle school student in 1999 brought charges against Leggs after, she says, he groped her and a friend at a mall.

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