Seattle Boosts Transit Security After Teen Girl Is Stomped


Two weeks after a 15-year-old girl punched and stomped another teen girl in Seattle’s downtown transit tunnel as unarmed security guards and bystanders watched, the King County Sheriff’s Office began posting armed deputies at all five stations, reports the Seattle Times. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said the city was exploring whether to use uniformed police officers to also patrol the tunnel until a longer-term solution is in place.

Even before the new security measures were announced, the transit system was discussing contract changes with Olympic Security that would allow its guards to act beyond its current orders to only “observe and report” illegal activity. The enhanced security was sparked by the release of a surveillance video showing a teenage girl kicking, punching and stomping on a 15-year-old girl while unarmed security guards watched. It was “not only troubling but unacceptable to see images of uniformed security officers standing by and taking no action while someone is being beaten and robbed,” McGinn said.

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