Jackson Doctor Case Takes On Trappings Of L.A. Celebrity Trial


The case of the People vs. Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, has taken on all the trappings of a full-blown Los Angeles celebrity trial, complete with paparazzi and news photographers staking out the accused’s residence and chasing him everywhere he goes, the Associated Press reports. The mere rumor that he would be arrested or surrender sent an army of news photographers from all over the world rushing to a courthouse.

“There are no surprises here. We know how the guy died, we know who allegedly gave it to him. But lacking surprises, it’s Michael Jackson. The news shows can play endless loops of Michael Jackson singing. Maybe his children will come into the courtroom, and what a day that would be,” says Judy Muller, who shared in an Emmy for ABC’s coverage of the trial, the one that ended with O.J. Simpson’s acquittal in 1995. Hardly anyone paid attention back in 1981, when a Tennessee jury found Dr. George Nichopoulos not guilty of negligently prescribing drugs to Elvis Presley, whose body contained 14 different stimulants and depressants when he died in 1977.

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