Media Frenzy, Photo Op Issues In Charges Against Jackson Doctor


The Los Angeles County district attorney will file a criminal case against Dr. Conrad Murray, the late Michael Jackson’s physician, on Monday, the Los Angeles Times reports. The district attorney took the unusual step of announcing charges in advance, apparently to quell a media frenzy that had drawn a hundred reporters and a fleet of television trucks to a courthouse near Los Angeles International Airport Friday in anticipation of imminent charges.

Sources told the Times that the cardiologist will be charged with involuntary manslaughter for administering the combination of sedatives and anesthetic blamed in the singer’s death. Murray, who owns a home in Nevada and works in Houston, has been staying in the Los Angeles area as he awaits charges. The doctor has said he wants to turn himself in rather than be arrested and has made arrangements for surrender, including gathering his passport and meeting with bail bond companies. Murray’s lawyer said negotiations broke down because authorities insisted on “a photo op” of the physician in handcuffs.

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