OR Officials Seek Public Disclosure Of Police-Shooting Testimony


Portland, Or., Police Commissioner Dan Saltzman is pushing for the grand jury testimony in the police shooting death of Aaron Campbell to be made public, which would be a first in the county and possibly the state in a police use-of-force case, The Oregonian reports. Yesterday, a Multnomah County grand jury began hearing testimony in last week’s officer-involved shooting. Campbell, 25, was shot in the back by a police officer who who fired an AR-15 rifle at him in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Police had been called to check on Campbell, his girlfriend, and three children, amid information that Campbell was suicidal and armed

District Attorney Michael Schrunk obtained a court order to record the grand jury hearing and says he’ll ask the court to make the transcripts or recording public once the grand jury makes a ruling. Saltzman urged Schrunk this week to take the unusual step, saying the community deserved to hear the “full and complete facts” surrounding Campbell’s death. “These are unusual circumstances and unusual tragic events,” Schrunk told the newspaper. “There’s always a question as to what goes on, what did people testify to. I believe that the public has a right to know. The public should get information in a timely fashion, and this would facilitate accurate information.”

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