Ohio May Set A State Execution Record This Year


After a relative lull in executions, Ohio appears poised to increase lethal injections sharply in the months to come, possibly setting a state record for most in a year, reports the Associated Press. The state executed killer Mark Brown yesterday, the third execution in as many months and one of nine scheduled for this year.

Prosecutors have asked the Ohio Supreme Court, which schedules executions, to set dates for five additional inmates. Ohio put seven people to death in 2004, a record for the state and second in the nation behind Texas, and executed four last year. It executed two people in each of the two previous years. Brown, 37, had been sentenced to die for killing a Youngstown store owner in a 1994 shooting that mimicked a scene from the Samuel L. Jackson movie “Menace II Society.” After a botched execution, Ohio became the only one of 35 death penalty states to use one drug; other states are watching Ohio’s experience.

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