NYC Says Handcuffing Girl, 12, For Doodling On Desk Was Error


New York City police have said it was a mistake to arrest a 12-year-old junior high school student and taking her out of school in handcuffs for doodling her name on her desk in erasable marker, reports the New York Daily News. Alexa Gonzalez was scribbling on her desk Monday while waiting for her Spanish teacher to pass out homework. She was led out of school in cuffs and walked to a police station across the street, where she was detained for several hours, she and her mother said.

City Education Department spokesman David Cantor said, “Based on what we’ve seen so far, this shouldn’t have happened.” Police spokesman Paul Browne said, “Even when we’re asked to make an arrest, common sense should prevail, and discretion used in deciding whether an arrest or handcuffs are really necessary.” A string of city students who have been cuffed for minor infractions. The New York Civil Liberties Union has sued the city for using “excessive force” in middle school and high schools. A 12-year-old sixth-grader was arrested last March for doodling on her desk.

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