Obama Juvenile Justice Budget Down; Earmark Disputes Loom


The Obama administation’s funding proposal for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is down from last year: $290 million compared with last year’s $317 million plan, reports Youth Today. The largest difference between Obama's last proposal and what actually got funded for 2010 was the demonstration projects account: he proposed it be nixed, and it got $91 million from Congress. Youth Today predicts that Congress will restore earmarks that Obama wanted to eliminate.

The biggest changes from last year's proposal to this one are in juvenile mentoring ($45 million, down from $80 million) and juvenile accountability block grants ($40 million, down from $55 million). Obama would create a few new programs, including $12 million for gang and youth violence prevention, $13 million in court improvements, and $806,000 on a Disproportionate Minority Contact Evaluation/Pilot Program. The budget includes $20 million to help states implement the Adam Walsh Act. Some juvenile justice advocates want states not to implement the law for philosophical reasons, because there is great potential for juveniles with a good chance at rehabilitation getting stuck on registries for a long time.

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