CA Early-Released Inmate’s Rape Charge Prompts Protest


Sacramento sheriff’s officials say it took less than one day for an inmate who was set free Monday under an early-release plan to be arrested again, this time on a charge of attempted rape, reports the Sacramento Bee. The incident prompted outrage from groups opposed to the new state law aimed at reducing prison populations by releasing nonviolent, low-level offenders who earn extra credits for participating in educational and other programs.

“Our greatest fear has occurred almost immediately after the early release of these inmates,” said Christine Ward of the Crime Victims Action Alliance. The arrest of Kevin Peterson less than a day after he was cut loose from the Sacramento County jail raised questions over whether counties releasing jail inmates are interpreting the law correctly. Counties say the new law allows them to apply good-time credits to inmates retroactively, which led to the release of Peterson 16 days early Monday.

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