Times Tells One Man’s Story As He Prepares To Leave For Prison


The New York Times tells the story of Steven Rondos as he prepares to go away to prison. “Some 350 men and women are locked up in New York City on any given Friday,” the Times reports. “This is a story about one of them.” Rondos, 44, is a disbarred attorney who pleaded guilty in November to grand larceny for defrauding dozens of disabled clients he was supposed to be serving as legal guardian. Rondos's lawyer expects a sentence of 5 to 15 years.

The Times continues, “This is not an article about his crimes and his victims, but about the preparations – some weighty, some trivial – that a middle-aged father and husband makes before going away for at least five years…He signed over power of attorney to his wife of 14 years, Camille Raia. He went to Staples for some hanging files: he has been busily organizing records that he said demonstrated he had paid back some of the money, to show at a future hearing. He had to cancel his therapy appointment, but managed to speak to his psychiatrist.”

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