In Policy Reversal, Baltimore Will Again Name Officers In Shootings


Baltimore police have reversed a controversial decision made last year and will reinstate its decades-long policy of releasing the names of officers involved in shootings, reports the city’s Sun. The names will be released after 48 hours, an interval that allows police to put safeguards in place for the officer. The move comes 10 months after the mayor asked Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III to rethink the policy of withholding the officers’ names.

Policies vary across the country, but the change puts Baltimore back in line with other local agencies. Last month, the police chief in St. Louis moved to reverse his department’s policy and begin releasing names. Agencies in New York City and Philadelphia do not release them. The Baltimore police union said Friday it was not notified that a change was looming and questioned the decision and its timing. “The naming of a police officer doesn’t mean you’re any more or less transparent,” said Robert F. Cherry, president of the union.

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