Milwaukee Sheriff To Start Jail Boot Camp; No “Lying Around”


Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke won’t resort to early inmate releases or scaling back freeway patrols as ways to fill a budget hole, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. What remains alive is his “Discipline-Order-Structure” program. Many inmates come from “chaotic” family backgrounds and need to have discipline instilled before other reform efforts at education and job training can work, Clarke said.

Clarke didn’t dispute the characterization of the program as a type of boot camp. He decided to try to develop a program to increase discipline among inmates when he first took over supervision of the House of Correction about a year ago and didn’t like what he saw. “I was astonished,” he said. Many inmates stayed up very late and slept late and did little during the day except play cards and watch television. Under his new program, inmates will get up early and have ordered days of work and study, he said. “There’s not going to be any lying around,” Clarke said. “That whole day is going to be so structured?[]?with discipline instilled throughout the entire facility.”

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