GA Educators Oppose Proposal To Allow Firearms On Campus


Georgia college presidents and student leaders are bristling over a proposal that would allow some gun owners to carry firearms on college campuses, as legislators waded deeper into a vast overhaul of state gun restrictions, the Associated Press reports.

The legislation would time allow the estimated 300,000 Georgians with gun permits to carry their weapons in most public buildings, churches, and even the state Capitol. It would lift a ban on firearms in “public gatherings,” replacing it with a short list of restricted spots including jails, courthouses, and prisons. State higher education leaders warned the changes could lead to campus violence. “Personal disputes that today are marked by verbal arguments, or at worst a fist-fight, could well become tragically violent in a matter of seconds,” said Daniel Kaufman, president of the Georgia Gwinnett College. He advised lawmakers: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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