IN Congressman Fires Cap Gun To Protest Weapons-At-Work Bill


An Indiana congressman used theatrics to voice his opposition to a proposed new law ensuring the right of citizens to take guns their guns to work, reports the Evansville Courier and Post. Donning an NRA cap and holding a toy pistol, Rep. Vernon Smith, a Gary Democrat, stood in the house chambers and fired the fake pistol, saying, “Bang, bang, shoot ’em up!” He added, “This is indeed an NRA state. I pledge allegiance, not to the flag, but to the NRA.”

The bill passed nonetheless. Under House Bill 1065, as long as the guns stay locked in their cars, no employer could tell its workers that they must leave their weapons at home. It would also eliminate the possibility for law enforcement to take citizens’ guns in an emergency, such as what happened during Hurricane Katrina. Rep. Mike Murphy, R-Indianapolis, called this bill a “real victory” for those with a dangerous commute or job.

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