U.S. Vows Overhaul Of Deportation-Detention System


The head of U.S. immigration enforcement has announced plans for an overhaul of the government’s controversial detention system for people who face deportation, reports the Arizona Republic. The moves described by John Morton, assistant secretary of homeland security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, address oversight, medical care, and tracking of detainees at facilities across the country.

Plans include hiring 50 federal employees to oversee the largest detention facilities, which now are largely run by contractors without much government oversight; assigning regional case managers to keep tabs on detainees with significant medical problems to ensure they are getting proper care. starting an online immigrant-detainee locator so family members can easily find their relatives when they are in custody awaiting possible deportation. Under the current system, families and immigrant-rights attorneys complain they often have trouble finding out where detainees have been taken after they are arrested.

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