CA Sheriff Shows Teens Meth’s Effect On Their Looks


Sheriff Tom Allen of northern California’s Mendocino County says he has found a way to keep kids off methamphetamine, reports National Public Radio. If they could see what they’d look like after using the highly addictive drug, it might get them to stay away from it forever. With help from some image-altering software, Allen is out to show teens the face of meth. “You’re young. You’re vibrant. You have great-looking skin. Your hair is there, your teeth are there,” Allen says. “The software [] morphs it into causing the physiological effects that meth causes – the open scabs, the droopy skin, the hair loss. It strikes at the vanity of teenagers.”

The simulation program Face2Face – often called “Your Face on Meth” – shows teens what they would look like six months, one year and even three years into a methamphetamine habit. “Some kids start crying when they see the devastating effect meth can do to their complexion,” he says. “It was the way to crack the nut – to say, ‘This could happen to you.'” Allen says, “Our intent was not to use scare tactics on this, because scare tactics don’t work,” he says. Remember the 1980s ad with a frying egg that coined the phrase “This is your brain on drugs?” “That didn’t work,” Allen says.

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