Will Gilbert Arenas Get Special Treatment In Gun Possession Case?


Suspended Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas is expected to plead guilty today to a weapons possession charge, says the Washington Post. He could be sentenced to jail, probation, community service, a fine, or some combination. Defense attorneys who have handled similar cases are watching closely to see if Arenas receives any special treatment. “It’s rare prosecutors allow defendants to plead down,” said attorney Nikki Lotze.

Arenas could have been charged with four counts of illegal gun possession — one for each of the pistols he displayed in the team’s locker room. As part of the plea agreement, he faces only one charge, making it easier to avoid jail. National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern suspended Arenas without pay on Jan. 6. Stern said the gun incident, coupled with Arenas’s making light of the issue on his Twitter account and when he pretended he was shooting teammates in a pregame huddle in Philadelphia, had led him to conclude “that he is not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game.”

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