Amid U.S. Decline, Philadelphia Bank Robberies Up 43%


Why would anyone walk into a room full of cameras and witnesses and try to pull off a robbery? asks the Philadelphia Inquirer. The city reports a 43 percent uptick in bank robberies last year, from 91 to 130. That went against the national data, which showed almost 18 percent fewer bank heists than the year before. “It’s cyclical,” said FBI agent J.J. Klaver.

Tellers do not keep large sums in their cash drawer, Klaver said. He estimates the average take to be a “couple thousand dollars,” and said getting into the vault usually happens only in movies. It used to be that when the economy was bad, bank robberies went up. Not so now, said Margot Mohsberg of the American Bankers Association. “A lot of bank robbers are drug users,” she said. Addicts are often looking for fast cash and willing to take the risk. More than half of bank robbers are caught within 18 months.

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