NYC Police Shunned Needy, Destroyed Seized Clothing


New York City destroyed tons of new, unworn clothing and footwear that had been seized in raids on counterfeit label operations, abandoning a practice of giving knockoff garments to groups that help the needy, reports the New York Times. The police department rented an industrial shredder to destroy a dozen tractor-trailer loads of bootleg goods after they were no longer needed as evidence. It also has been shipping truckloads of garments to an incinerator, where the city pays $150 a ton to burn them.

The lost clothing includes winter jackets, shirts, pants, and underwear. The police department said no one asked for the knockoffs in 2009 – an explanation that was bewildering to the operators of a clothing bank, who run a warehouse that supplies clothing to the needy. They said they had made many requests.

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